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Numerica is the technological regional centre dedicated to information and communication technologies field development in Franche-Comté. Numerica is a company sharing public and private investors, and is a converging place for communities, development agency, colleges, laboratories, organisations and companies.


Intel is the inventor and first worldwide manufacturer of microprocessor. Intel is constantly challenging innovations limits to enhance and simplify your everyday life. Its constant will to make computing and new technologies progress did change the face of the world step by step.


Misopa company develops and offers in a rental way Internet solutions in the following fields : events broadcast live on Internet, video on demand portal, emailing and web marketing, competitive market watch, sharing and spreading of companies informations.


VirtuelCity make available to its customers, its technology and statecraft in 3 fields of activities : the 3D cartography creation for large urban spaces with a regular maintenance, the set up of associate services related to 3D cards use for inner purpose or available to the audience, expertise and consulting about 3D datas.


Time Prod is your audiovisual communication specialist. Our will is to make images of special moments for a company, an administration, an organisation  or for private matters. We develop our activities around four domains : the corporate movie (educate, inform, promote), the event movie and DVD copying, the audiovisual and executive production consulting.


Scott, technology diffuser, establish itself as a real challenger for main international brands. Scott's aim is to constantly create new products with innovative technology content, following latest trends, with a powerful design. A brand with an eye on the future, Scott is always looking up for new concepts aiming to give nowaday's products to the majority of people.


Nj-Events accompany you through your events organisation. We keep artists (magicians, jugglers, ventriloquists, actors, mimes, humorists...) as well as any technical means at your disposal to make your event a success. Nj-Events, it's also communication consulting. Nj-Events advice you for your business marketing and communication strategy.


France 3 is the second largest French public television channel and part of the France Télévisions group, which also includes France 2, France 4, France 5, and France Ô.


The Montbéliard greater city put at disposal the "Centre of multimedia development", which will welcome participants during 3 days. The Montbéliard greater city gives a logistic support to the event and gives technical and human ressources helping to make this event a success. 


"Les Morteauricains" organization shares a stock of audio, light and video equipment and put its skills and  material at disposal to create the stage set for the event.

Main [Media Art Image Numérique (Digital)] is a demoparty located in south of France, organized by La Cyber Nostra and partner with ADAN since 2006. The program features professional meetings, circuit bending and chipmusic workshop, live act, computer and 8 bit videogame console exhibition. For its 4th edition in 2009, demos will be shown on the biggest led screen in europe, 3000 square meter, located on the Grande Halle roof in Arles city.



From conception to construction of short time projects, mainly based on the direction around a world ofgreenery, coolness and light, the main goal is to recreate the atmosphere of a place, an environment, to influence the well-beeing in a space where one can come to recover from everyday's stress. A sure change of scene.


Franche-Comté Interactive is the federation of computing and multimedia companies in Franche-Comté. The main FCI's missions are: revitalize the multimedia professionnal network in Franche-Comté, accompany, direct and inform companies on computing and multimedia services offer, promote projects emergence and new practice appearance.


Le Frigo (The Fridge) is the magazine of "SRC Média" university students of Belfort-Montbéliard, on multimedia and student life in Montbéliard. This quarterly publication propose various columns on multimedia creation field. The "DUT Services et Réseaux de Communication – SRC [*] Média" of Belfort-Montbéliard technological University trains to every web crafts.



Named Nolife TV and followed by the evocative tag line "There is not only real life in life", this television channel has been tailor-made for worthy of this name geeks, so to speak those who only swear by their computer screen (or television screen for video games consoles) and never quit it, only maybe for some vital needs.


Demoscene.tv strives to share and broadcast artwork urging from demoscene artists and stakeholders. DTV offers a video stream and associated services to allow groups belonging to the digital artscene to diffuse their creations.


The Organisation for Digital Art Development (ADAN) is a link between artists, digital technologies and new medias. ADAN favour on one hand internationl exchanges between artists using technologies in their creations, and on the other hand, promote contemporary digital creation through new medias.


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