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Max for Live seminar

Preview presentation of Max for Live

Saturday 14th march 2009 | Lecturer: Manuel Poletti

What is Max for Live ?

After several years of cooperation bewteen Ableton and Cycling '74, Max for Live has been revealed at NAMM last january. Recently announced as Live 8 extension, Max for Live allows the user to create effect modules, instruments, MIDI process which extend Live possibilities. Using the same functionalities as modules developed by Ableton, Max for Live modules will offer new MIDI monitorable graphical objects, undo multiples, automation "sample-accurate", Live interface piloting... The new web cooperation function inserted in Live 8 will allow to share these modules.

We will introduce as a preview some of these new functionalities to you.

Max for Live on Ableton web site

Manuel Poletti, composer, musician and music computing director

Born in 1969 in Besançon (France), Manuel Poletti studies the trumpet at Besançon and Dijon conservatoire until 1986, then composing at the ICEM of the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen (Germany) from 1992 to 1995. Composer, guitarist and trumpeter, he creates several music bands in Besançon, learns production and sound engineering. In 1990, he creates the Théâtre Parlant, group of artistic research gathering works of a writter, a plastician and a composer.

He takes part in several dance and theatre projects and creates two multimedia shows in 1996 in Besançon, then in 1997 in Marseille. In 1998, he achieves two music softwares dedicated to real time sound synthesis, award-winning the same year at the international music software cotest of Bourges (France). He is music computing director at IRCAM since 1998, where he produces contemporary composers and musicians works, and teaches computing music.

In 2002, he co-creates the LIEU group, gathering composers, sesearchers and computer music progammer. Between 2003 and 2006, he works with the Neuesmusiktheater Forum of Stuttgart as a manager for computer creation, for William Forsythe creations in particular involving dancers real time voice treatment. He also cooperates with sevral studios and contemporary music creation bands : the Kitchen (Paris), the CIRM (Nice), Art Zoyd (Valenciennes), Cesare (Reims), La Muse en Circuit (Paris), Le Centre International de Percussions (Geneva)... In 2006, he makes the sound creation of the multimedia show "Seule Avec Loup" by N+N Corsino choregraphers, at the Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris) - IRCAM co-production.

Early 2008, he joins Cycling74 company (San Francisco), which develops Max/MSP software; for the company, he is in charge of promotion/pedagogy aspects of the software.

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